Hello! I’m Jamie.

A picture of me holding a multi-colored crayon drawing of an octopus.

And this is an octopus I drew, inspired by the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

I engineer software.

I am a Web Solutions Engineer at Google (July 2017-present), designing and implementing full-stack business web applications to make Google’s internal processes more effective and to connect Google with partners and consumers, using Angular Typescript, Javascript (Polymer), Java, HTML/CSS, SQL, Apps Framework, and One Platform APIs.

For examples of my code pre-Google, check out my projects page and the video I made for an information visualization project.

I <3 documentation.

Starting with my first internship in summer 2013, I have complemented every project with thorough documentation of my work, explaining my process and providing next steps for the person taking over the project. This applies not only to software, but also to other undertakings, for example the program impact surveys I wrote for Future Generations University.

On my current team, I have created templates for documentation and encouraged teammates to share knowledge through documentation. I have received public acknowledgement several times for the impact and thoroughness of documentation I’ve created.

I am working toward a better world.

I’m always seeking ways create a society where everyone thrives. So far my work in this has been mostly in encouraging diversity in the field of technology. I mentor aspiring computer scientists, I’ve taught Hour of Code workshops to students in local elementary schools, and I was a founding member of Middlebury College’s Women in Computer Science club. I also advocate for accessibility in my team’s coding practices and inclusion, mental health, and community at Google.